Time again for our Website of the Week, when we showcase interesting and innovative online destinations. Our web guide this week is Rosanne Skirble.

Monday, December first, is World AIDS Day. The idea of a global event to raise awareness of the AIDS Pandemic originated twenty years ago at a 1988 World Summit of Ministers of Health. Originally, UNAIDS spearheaded the annual observance. In 2005, the responsibility was turned over to the World AIDS Campaign, which is on the web at worldaidscampaign.org.

That's where you'll find AIDS-related resources, from posters and postcards to media guides and an international World AIDS Day calendar.

Communications coordinator Molly Lepeska says the website supports the group's mission of strengthening the global campaign for universal access to AIDS treatment. An important part of that is connecting local activists in all regions of the world. So - in addition to a section on what's happening in various communities - the website offers an easy way for groups to collaborate and share ideas, Lepeska says. "Campaigners from different constituencies -- youth, positive networks or faith organizations -- send us materials that they use for campaigning, so people can take a look at what they've done and download the materials that they have."

Activists can publicize their events on an on-line international calendar ? and not just events for World AIDS Day. Lepeska says the campaign is a year-round effort, and the website - with its advocacy tools and program ideas - is a year-round resource. "This year the theme is leadership, so what we're really trying to do is push using the theme of leadership at all mobilization events around the year."

All the resources you need to get involved in the campaign against AIDS at worldaidscampaign.org, or get the link to this and more than 200 other Websites of the Week, from our site, voanews.com.