(program of October 5, 2001)

The death toll for the September 11th attacks in the United States includes people from at least 60 countries: men and women with ordinary lives and bright futures; irreplaceable to the families and friends left behind. The story of one family's grief. AIDS Crusader (script) A new report from the United Nations indicates several Asian countries, including China, may be on the brink of an AIDS epidemic. One young man in China spoke with us about the discrimination he has experienced. His story is an example of how government fears can hinder efforts to keep the disease from spreading.

Izzy's Story (script) The story of Ezzuidi Medividivic is one of survival. Izzy--as his friends call him--came to America with his parents from Bosnia. Today, he is a high school senior in Columbia, Maryland. Izzy has a passion for life and for running. In fact, he holds several state running records. Here is his story.

Cow Town (script) A century ago, Kansas City was famous for its sprawling stockyards filled with cattle from the West. The livestock exchange defined Kansas City's purpose and it's identity. Now only remnants of that legacy remain. Yet, for a few months recently, Kansas City became a cow town once again in a rather unusual way.

"America on Route 50" series Next week, we'll take a look at a town near the geographical center of the United States. Like many other rural towns, it's a farm community and statistics show the population is dwindling. What's being done to reverse the trend?

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