Good things are happening on NIGHTLINE AFRICA. The new NIGHTLINE AFRICA now has in place of the "MISSING LINK" on Sunday, 'AFRICA?S HEALTH AND WELL BEING?. This 10-minute report featuring DR. Anne Thomas, will cover such issues as :- HIV/AIDS, commercial sex workers and AIDS, birth control (The male point of view) Tenn pregnancy in Africa, The psychology of aging in Afirca, Mentak health?An African viewpoint, polygamy- The Socio-Psychological Implications, Impotency misunderstood, Gender based violence against women.

Then on Sunday, the program featuresan extended version OF NIGHTLINE AFRICA SPorts with Segun Adeyemi and ?AFRICAN ARTS & CULTURE?, during which hosts- Ted Roberts and Miriam Chemmoss- Talk to and about African musicians, poets and playwrights.

Among the guests, so far are: Nina Kinoti of Kenya, Violetta Luke-Decker and Nabie Yayha Swaray, both from Sierra Leone. In the last episode of ?AFRICAN ARTS AND CULTURE?, MR.Swaray compared the present Taliban acts of Terrorism and the character of Osama bin Laden to that of an African historical and religious leader from Mauritania, Haidara Kontofili. In many ways like Osama bin Laden, Kontofili struck fear into his enemies and destroyed shrines all over Sierra Leone, Guinea and Senegal in the name of spreading Islam. Mr. Swaray, who is a playwright, plans to write on this interesting comparison that may give insight to the recent terrorist attacks in the USA.

And coming up on a future program ius the poetry of Adeola Ikuomola of Nigeria.

NIGHTLINE AFRICA is heard Saturday and Sunday at 16 and 20 hours UTC