White House Chief of Staff Karl Rove addresses employees Friday July 8, 2005
The White House says President Bush has confidence in his top advisor, Karl Rove, as Democrats call for the aide's removal amid reports he leaked the identity of a covert CIA agent to the media.

Democratic lawmakers, including Senate Minority leader Harry Reid and former presidential candidate John Kerry, say President Bush has pledged to dismiss any administration official found to be involved in revealing the CIA agent's identity - a possible federal crime.

But, the White House again Tuesday refused to comment, saying an investigation in ongoing.

The developments come just days after Newsweek magazine reported that Mr. Rove's attorney confirmed his client spoke with a Time Magazine reporter about the covert CIA agent in 2003.

But, the attorney says Mr. Rove never disclosed Valerie Plame's name.

Ms. Plame's husband, a former ambassador, Joe Wilson, says her identity was disclosed in retaliation for his criticism of the Iraq war.

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