Weather forecasters say Hurricane Wilma is "extremely dangerous" as it continues to batter the Mexican island of Cozumel with destructive winds and torrential rains.

Packing winds of 220-kilometers per hour, Wilma is knocking down trees and power lines, shattering windows and flooding streets in the deserted resorts of Cozumel.

The U.S. National Weather Service says Wilma is moving slowly over northern Cozumel, and will head inland over the northeastern Yucatan peninsula, where storm surge flooding of up to three meters is expected.

Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of Cubans have evacuated ahead of torrential rains.

The latest weather advisory says Wilma is moving erratically, heading northwest at six-kilometers-per hour.

A weakened Wilma is expected to hit Florida late Sunday or Monday. Evacuation orders have been issued for the west coast town of Naples and nearby Marco Island.

The killer storm has already claimed more than 10 lives in the Caribbean.