Organizers have announced that women will again be paid less money than the men at this year's third Grand Slam event, the Wimbledon tennis championships outside of London.

Tennis officials announced Tuesday that the men's champion will take home $760,600 dollars, following an across-the-board increase of five percent. That's almost $57,000 more than the women's champion.

All England Club chairman Tim Phillips rejected claims that the grass court tournament is behind the times. The Australian and U.S. Opens both award equal prize money although the French Open still pays the men more. Last year the U.S. Open paid both men's and women's champions $850,000, the largest prize in grand slam tennis.

1999 Wimbledon champion Lindsay Davenport of the United States and her countrywoman Venus Williams, have both been outspoken about the pay discrepancy. Davenport even warned that a walkout could be a possible in the future, but Wimbledon organizers remain defiant.