The World Anti-Doping Agency says it recorded 61 positive tests out of more than 3,100 conducted in 2005, a sharp increase over the number of positives from 2004.

WADA tested 3,114 athletes from 40 sports in 119 countries as a part of its out-of-competition program in 2005. The tests included world championships in athletics, swimming and weightlifting.

Of the positive tests, 32 were for elevated levels of the male hormone testosterone, while 16 were for steroids. There also were two other violations - one for refusing to take a test and one from a missed test. In 2004, the anti-doping body conducted 1,848 tests and recorded 19 positives and four other violations.

WADA said the rise in positive tests was because of a lower threshold for tests and what it called a significant rise in the number of positive results for steroids.

The anti-doping agency said that sports are assigned a priority for tests because of the history of doping in the sport, the potential benefits of doping in the sport, and the annual competition calendar.

Some information for this report was provided by AP.