Veneuzela's attorney general says members of the country's intelligence police, national guard, and civil aviation sector are involved in drug trafficking or allowing it to take place.

The Washington Post Sunday published comments from Attorney General Isaias Rodriguez in a report that says Colombian drug lords are using Venezuela as a transit point for cocaine shipments bound for the United States and Europe.

The newspaper says Rodriguez described the corruption as isolated. But, it says he acknowledged his office is investigating officials who are suspected of giving government identification cards to drug traffickers, or providing them with them protection.

The Post reports that hundreds of tons of Colombian cocaine have passed through Venezuela and that northbound drug flights out of Venezuela tripled between 2003 and 2006.


The Venezuelan attorney general told the newspaper he has fired 23 prosecutors and 150 judges tainted by the drug trade.

On Saturday, the British Defense Ministry said a navy warship had seized three tons of cocaine from a Venezuelan fishing boat in the Atlantic.

(Washington Post, file)