Zambian police reportedly have arrested 49 students from the country?s biggest university in Lusaka.  The Mail and Guardian Newspaper reports the arrests came as students at the University of Zambia attempted to stage street protests against poor sanitation at their campus.  Police sealed off the campus and roads leading to the university.  VOA English to Africa reporter Sanday Kabange in Lusaka said this protest is among others that have taken place demanding better sanitation and student services.  


Kabange said students were setting up blockades, using large rocks, and smashing vehicle windows -- including an Air Force bus ? showing their anger to the public.  He said there is a strong police presence around the university attempting to calm the student body, some of which threatened to damage television cameras belonging to the media.  Kabange said  ?the situation was a bit bad, [but] it has actually normalized [for] the moment.?  

The VOA reporter said the students yesterday were attempting to march to the ministry of education, which overseas the university?s activities.   He said that police confirmed 5 to 7 students that had been arrested were still in detention.

Kabange said that so far there?s been no reaction to the protests from the government?s ministry of education or the university?s administration. 


Kabange said though things are relatively calm at the moment, students usually mobilize themselves in the evening and at night to plan for further demonstrations the next day.  He said, more than likely, they?ll again ?run through the streets, and start chanting slogans, carrying placards, and turning vehicles, [so]?you can?t rule out any possibility of a reorganization of students, going back to the streets and protesting again.?