Zimbabwean hip-hop artist Ndabaningi Mabuye has made a name for himself in neighboring South Africa as one of the country's most popular MCs. But the rapper's latest album has made headlines for the wrong reasons. The Broadcasting Complaints Commission of SA has ruled the track "Get Out" is an incitement to violence. While the musician has apologized for causing offense he doesn't regret writing the song. 

Ndabaningi Mabuye became a household name in South Africa after he released his debut album Listeners Digest, featuring the remix of the Steve Makoni classic "Handiende."  The CD also earned the performer ? popularly known as MC Zubz -- a South African Music Award (or SAMA) nomination. The same cannot be said for the artist's latest album, titled Headphone Music: In a Parallel World.

A far-right political party, the Freedom Front Plus, leveled a complaint with the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of SA (BCCSA) after the country's public broadcaster aired the music video of his song "Get Out."  The party told the Commission the airing of the video on national television in a country plagued by racially-motivated attacks and murders is not only inappropriate but also irresponsible.

The video features Zubz rapping "Understand I'm gonna get this panga to your neck / Take what is mine today and I'll rob you tomorrow/ Take my time it's payback?" The SABC defended the song by arguing the artist is trying to raise the concerns about people oppressing others and how this will not be tolerated. But that didn't convince the Broadcasting Complaints Commission. Since its ruling, the music video for "Get Out" will no longer be aired by the public broadcaster.

In an interview with The Times newspaper, Zubz said he despises racism. He said he'd never be so irresponsible as to write a racist song, considering the volatile society we live in. But the rapper also said he doesn't regret writing the song, which has been labeled "hate speech".