Zimbabwe will introduce a $100-billion bank note as the nation continues to struggle with the world's highest inflation rate.

The latest addition to the country's currency will begin circulating Monday, less than a week after Zimbabwe's bank chief announced the country's inflation rate had skyrocketed to 2.2 million percent.

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe released six other high-value notes earlier this year, including a $50-billion note in May.

Zimbabwe's economy is in a free-fall with 80 percent unemployment.

The country, which is in the middle of a political crisis, is also suffering from chronic shortages of food, fuel, and other basic goods.

Critics blame the troubles on the policies of President Robert Mugabe, especially the seizure of white-owned commercial farms.

Mr. Mugabe blames interference by outsiders, led by former colonial power Britain.

Some information for this report provided by Reuters and AFP.