Zimbabwe's opposition is calling on the international community to help end the country's mounting political crisis, following last month's disputed presidential election.

A spokesman for the opposition Movement for Democratic Change, Tendai Biti says violence since the March 29 election has forced more than 3,000 people from their homes. He said 10 people have been killed, hundreds hospitalized, and several hundred others arrested.

Ballots from the March 29 vote are being recounted in 23 constituencies. The recount - which the opposition says is deeply flawed and "illegal"- could potentially overturn the results of the parliamentary elections which the opposition won.

The electoral commission has still not released results of the presidential vote, in which the opposition says Mr. Tsvangirai defeated Mr. Mugabe.

Independent monitors say Mr. Tsvangirai likely finished on top in the election, but may have fallen short of the majority needed to avoid a second round of voting.

The opposition says the government is suppressing election results so it can do the recount, orchestrate a presidential run-off, and hold on to power.

Zimbabwe's electoral commission says the recount could take longer than initially estimated.

Some information for this report was provided by AFP, AP and Reuters.