Organizers of the Save Zimbabwe Campaign, an umbrella organization of political and civil society opponents of President Robert Mugabe, said Friday they will hold more prayer meetings despite the police crackdown on their first attempt last Sunday.

Save Zimbabwe officials said they have been contacted by organizations that want to hold such prayer meetings in their localities and have asked the group's help.

The campaign held a news conference in Harare today at which the secretary general of the Movement for Democratic Change faction of Morgan Tsvangirai, Tendayi Biti, recounted the experience of opposition leaders in the police custody following their arrest Sunday at the prayer meeting called in Highfield by the campaign.

MDC faction leader Arthur Mutambara was present and National Constitutional Assembly Chairman Lovemore Madhuku outlined future strategies.

Campaign spokesman Jonah Gokovah told reporter Patience Rusere that events of the past week have unified the opposition, which underwent a split in late 2005 over issues of strategy and conflicts among some of its leading figures.

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