In official results released by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, the (ruling) MDC is tied with (the opposition) ZANU-PF, with each having won 12 parliamentary seats so far. As results continue to trickle in, English to Africa reporter Chinedu Offor spoke with reporter Fazila Mohammed in Harare about the mood in and around the capital.

?People seem very confused, some are celebrating, some feel the result should have come out?people on the ground are trying to go about their normal business, but on the streets the talk is all about the results not coming out.? She says the security rings around the city of Harare and other parts of the country put in place before the polls have been relaxed.

?Right now people are moving about. Starting last night, in a township called Highfield, people were already celebrating; people actually waited outside polling stations demanding to see the results. But in terms of security, there [were] lots of riot police which were dropped off on the streets of Harare last night, but it seems the police are quite relaxed with the people.?

Mohammed says Zimbabwean electoral authorities are appealing for calm and patience from the people as they await the results. ?According to ZEC (Zimbabwe Electoral Commission), they are saying it will take some time; they are also saying that by the end of today, they are hoping to come out with the presidential results at least, and the rest they will continue after that.? (English to Africa 03/31)