A new report was released this week detailing nearly 200 cases of ?physical and psychological torture? in Zimbabwe.

Anthony Peter Reeler is the author of the report and director of the Zimbabwean human rights group, Amani Trust. He says the report details the torture committed by the government of Robert Mugabe before, during and after this year?s presidential elections. He says that government-backed youth militia, along with police and the Central Intelligence Organization carried out much of the torture.

The ?Reeler Report? disputes claims by the Zimbabwean government that violence was carried out on a fairly even basis by both government supporters and those of the political opposition.

Mr. Reeler has met with members of the US Congress, who joined him in the release of the report in Washington, DC, as well as Walter Kansteiner, the Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs. He says he hopes the Bush Administration addresses the issue of Zimbabwe at the G-8 Summit in Canada. Mr. Reeler spoke with English to Africa reporter Joe De Capua.