Zimbabwe's Central Intelligence Organization is said to have presented President Robert Mugabe with an intelligence report saying he is widely hated and that Zimbabweans would ?jump at an opportunity? to drive him from power.

Web-based news provider ZimOnline said the CIO memo which it obtained had been presented to Mr. Mugabe on Oct. 13, telling him that even security force members and junior officers wanted to see his government brought down.

ZimOnline said the memo cited ?simmering hatred? for President Mugabe among the Zimbabwean population and that all that was needed to spark a popular revolt was quote ?unity and brave action from the opposition and civil society.?

ZimOnline, which operates from South Africa, said the memo warned Mr. Mugabe that he could not count on the armed forces or the police to support his continued rule.

Studio Seven was unable to obtain independent authentication of the memo.

Acting Information Minister Paul Mangwana said he had no knowledge of such a memorandum. He called the document a "creation of Western influences.?

But political analyst Farayi Maguwu, coordinator of the Civic Alliance for Democracy and Governance, told reporter Patience Rusere of VOA's Studio 7 for Zimbabwe he thinks the memo is authentic because it reflects widely held sentiments.

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