The Save Zimbabwe Campaign, a broad opposition coalition, said Wednesday that it will engage the ruling party as well as the political opposition to express its misgivings about the crisis resolution process mediated by South African President Thabo Mbeki and a constitutional amendment parliament recently passed with bipartisan support.

The civic group?s general council in Harare to discuss where civil society stands in the evolving political situation. Save Zimbabwe spokesman Pastor Ray Motsi, who chaired the meeting, said the group intends to hold a ?national people?s convention? so that its members can decide how they wish to proceed in the months ahead.

Motsi said the possibility of launching a new political party was raised. The country is headed for local, general and presidential elections slated for March 2008.

But Motsi dismissed reports members of the Save Zimbabwe Campaign were calling for the expulsion of the Movement for Democratic Change from their ranks.

National Constitutional Assembly Director Ernest Mudzengi, whose group has sharply criticized the MDC for backing the constitutional amendment, told reporter Patience Rusere that no major decisions would be made without popular consultations.

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