Zimbabwe?s main opposition Movement For Democratic Change (MDC) has described as rubbish demands by supporters incumbent President Robert Mugabe that he should lead a transitional government to end the deadlock while new elections were organized. The MDC says the call by supporters of the ruling ZANU-PF party is an affront to the democratic tenets after the failure of the electoral commission to release presidential results three weeks after the general elections.

But partisans of ZANU-PF said there was need for the post election impasse to be solved adding that the only way to finding a solution is for Mugabe to head a transitional government ahead of another round of elections. Eliphas Mukonoweshuro is the international affairs secretary of the opposition MDC. He tells reporter Peter Clottey that there was need for the electoral commission to release the presidential results immediately.

?Our reaction is simple. Release the results and let us find out which political party won the presidential poll. Any other discussion cannot be entertained before we have closed that hurdle,? Mukonoweshuro pointed out.

He said the opposition MDC is prepared to participate in a credible election that meets international standards.

?The President of the MDC was quite clear. His message was that election results should be released immediately. He believes and we all believe in the MDC that we have won the election resoundingly. However, if in the event of the need for a run-off, the MDC is prepared for that provided that certain conditions are met to guarantee the freedom of the vote to guarantee that elections takes place in the context of a free and fair political environment,? he said.

Mukonoweshuro denied British Prime Minister Gordon Brown?s demand for the immediate release of the presidential results would exacerbate the plight of the opposition MDC as speculated by some political analysts.

?In the first place I do not hold a brief on behalf of Mr. Brown. However, Mr. Brown?s expression seems to capture the growing mood in the international community. And I think the growing mood in the international community as we read it is that Mr. Mugabe cannot bargain with anybody in order to retain the presidency where he has lost the election, and that the international community should not entertain that idea whether Mr. Mugabe?s opinion are hardened or not, the will of the people of Zimbabwe must prevail as expressed through the voting process,? Mukonoweshuro noted.

He rejected treason charges being leveled against the leader of the opposition by the ruling ZANU-PF government.

?Any treason charges that are against the president of the MDC will of course be tramped up charges, and I don?t believe that Zimbabweans will take that lying down. They will resist any attempt to steal their victory from them through tramped up charges,? he said.