Zimbabwe?s main opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) has sharply dismissed as cosmetic President Robert Mugabe?s government circulation of a new currency denomination. The new 200,000 Zimbabwean dollar notes, which will be issued by the Reserve Bank today (Wednesday) is meant to cut down on the country?s hyperinflation rate, perceived to be the highest in the world. But the MDC says the new money shows that the ruling ZANU-PF is bankrupt of ideas and unable to formulate policies that would alleviate the suffering of the people. The MDC is therefore calling on the government to resign and hand over power to the opposition.

Nelson Chamisa is the spokesman for the MDC. From the capital, Harare he tells reporter Peter Clottey that resolving Zimbabwe?s governance problem is the only solution to the country?s economic emancipation.

?Our position is very clear that clearly, it shows that the crisis continues to escalate; the inflation even continue to even worsen, in fact we are in a hyperinflation environment to the extend that we now need to print almost new notes almost on a monthly basis. For us it?s an indictment on the regime and the regime?s policies. We feel that what we now need is a clean slate of policies instead of these piecemeal measures, which are just meant to firefight and try to massage the crisis,? Chamisa noted.

He said President Mugabe and his ruling ZANU-PF government should be blamed for what he described as the economic crisis facing the country.

?It clearly shows that what we have is a regime which is so desperate, and which has run out of ideas, bankrupt on policies and programs, and clearly, when they start printing money as a way of controlling inflation, it clearly shows that there is a death of ideas; there is a death of vision in terms of where we are going,? he said.

Chamisa said the MDC has been vindicated by the recent economic hardship many ordinary Zimbabweans are experiencing.

?It?s actually a confirmation of what we?ve always said as MDC that until we resolve the governance issue, we are not going to find any economic solution because we will be tinkering on just the cosmetics. We want to address the fundamental issue, and the marrow of the matter here is to deal with the politics of the country, restoring democratic rights, making sure that we give people fundamental freedom,? Chamisa pointed out.

He said the opposition has plans to rescue the country from what he termed, the economic doldrums.

?As the MDC we have a reconstructing and stabilization document, which is the alternative to the government programs and policies, which has clearly shown that they are barren, and they are not capable of turning around the economy,? he said.

Chamisa said the problem the country faces now should be blamed on the president, since Chamisa said he has been in charge at the time of independence.

?President Mugabe has clearly failed! He has delivered 27 years of agony. Of course we must say that in the first years, it was better. But now, he has failed and he has clearly been overwhelmed by the economic challenges, by the political challenges. And he has resorted now to repression, he has resorted to finger pointing, and he has resorted to a blame game, without realizing that he, himself is at the center of the crisis. In fact when his fingers point at the MDC, four of his fingers are pointing at himself. He must remember that he is the one who has been entrusted at the helm of this country since 1980, and he has nobody else to blame except himself,? he said.