Zimbabwe's main labor group says it will hold a two-day strike this week despite reports that the government may amend a ban on wage increases.

The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions says the strike is scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday.  The strike was called to protest the ban on wage hikes.

In a decree last month, President Robert Mugabe banned all increases in wages and school fees and ordered a price freeze to curb the country's inflation, which is more than 7,600 percent.

Labor Minister Nicolas Goche told the state-run Sunday Mail newspaper the government is going to amend the provision on salaries by Tuesday.  He added that the freeze on prices of other goods and services is to remain in place.

Critics blame Zimbabwe's economic crisis on government policies, especially the transfer of farmland from whites to blacks with the little or no farming experience.

Mr. Mugabe blames the crisis on British and U.S. sanctions against his government.

Some information for this report was provided by AFP, AP and Reuters.