Explainer: Inspector General
What is an inspector general?
Expanding Beyond Yourself
VOA Connect Episode 93 - Extraordinary stories of generosity and giving. 
From China, With Love: An Adoption Story (2)
We follow the heartwarming story about the Hurst family in Midland, Michigan, who adopted three kids from China with developmental disabilities, two of whom were born without eyes. We visit some of the professionals supporting them and see how music therapy is playing a key role in overcoming their lack of sight and developmental problems. Witness the moment where Evie, the youngest child, sings during a medical exam - a moment that touched millions of viewers on social media.   Reporter/Produc
Kid Changemakers
Meet Caleb Oh, a high school freshman whose goal is to ignite passion in youth to serve. He started Kid Changemakers, a youth community service organization that works with schools and local businesses to set up food collection drives and encourages kids to volunteer.  He tells us what inspired him to start volunteering at the age of six and why it’s important to teach young kids the value of volunteering.   Reporter:  Faiza Elmasry, Camera:  Adam Greenbaum
Special Needs, Special Job
Maya Wechsler and Greg Masucci opened up a farm to give people with autism job skills, while also growing organic vegetables for their community.  Learn the story behind starting this farm and meet some of the people they’ve trained and employed.   Reporter:  Faiza Elmasry, Camera:  Adam Greenbaum, Adapted by: Philip Alexiou
Charity Begins with People's Homes
Churches and businesses are collaborating with faith-based organizations, making financial contributions for materials to fix homes for Veterans and the elderly.  The program also gives youths an opportunity to give back by repairing these homes and supporting the residents.   Reporter:  Faiza Elmasry, Camera: Mike Burke, Adapted by: Martin Secrest
Border Crossings: HawtThorns
Husband and wife duo, KP and Johnny Hawthorn, "The HawtThorns" have recently released their debut album, "Morning Sun" which is an amped-up Americana album. Before forming the band in Los Angeles, the HawtThorns enjoyed acclaimed careers of their own, leaving their mark upon the intersecting worlds of rock, country, and pop music.