Latest Billy Ray Cyrus Album Salutes US Troops
Latest Billy Ray Cyrus Album Salutes US Troops

Throughout his two-decade career, Country singer Billy Ray Cyrus has honored U.S. soldiers with his music.  ?I?m American,? is his latest patriotic salute to our troops.

Billy Ray Cyrus says the inspiration for his new album came in 2009, when he performed for U.S. military troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The album features seven new songs and an updated version of the title track from his 1992 debut album, ?Some Gave All.?  Joining him on the track are military veterans Daryl Worley, Jamey Johnson and Craig Morgan.  Billy Ray explains why he decided to re-record ?Some Gave All.?

?In 1989, I wrote the song for a Vietnam veteran I met in Huntington, West Virginia," he said.  "Over the years, and countless performances for worldwide audiences, I realized that ?Some Gave All? is more than just a song, it?s a way of life.  Last year, after visiting Afghanistan and Iraq [and] seeing the morale of our troops, I wanted them to know that we back home appreciate and honor their support and dedication to our country, that we appreciate their sacrifice, that they are the true definition of ?Some Gave All.

Billy Ray told that he plans to retire from recording after releasing one more album.  He has already written the songs for that collection, which will chronicle recent struggles in his personal life.  Those challenges include issues with his pop star daughter Miley Cyrus and his separation and reconciliation with his wife Tish.

Billy Ray will continue to perform live concerts.  He says, ?I will always have to be in a band.  I love to play music.?

?Runway Lights,? the debut single from ?I?m American? is also the theme song for Billy Ray?s new cable television series, ?Surprise Homecoming.?  The show reunites military men and women with their families after serving overseas.