American actor Martin Milner, who starred in two hit television series reflecting America's love affairs with cars, has died at 83.

Friends and family confirmed Milner's death, but gave no details.

A child actor born in Detroit, Milner made numerous early film and TV appearances before starring in the 1960 series Route 66, named for the iconic U.S. highway.

Milner and co-star George Maharis traveled the country in a Chevrolet, finding themselves involved in the lives and problems of people they met in the large cities and small towns.

Route 66 went off the air in 1964 and Milner soon found himself behind the wheel of another vehicle — a Los Angeles police patrol car in the hit series, Adam 12. Unlike the glamorous and exciting lives of TV private eyes, Adam 12 showed that most police cases are mundane and the work routine, but still compelling.

The series ran from 1968 until 1975 and like Route 66, still remains popular.