Julian Assange is seen with his new pet kitten. (Via @EmbassyCat)
Julian Assange is seen with his new pet kitten. (Via @EmbassyCat)

The founder of WikiLeaks has a new, furry friend.

Julian Assange, who has been living in the Ecuadorean embassy in London for the past four years, was given a kitten from his children.

Assange has been at the embassy in an effort to avoid extradition to Sweden on a sexual assault charge. He denies the allegation Assange maintains that if he is sent to Sweden, he will eventually be sent to the United States where he could face charges.

Assange published on WikiLeaks a number of leaked diplomatic cables and other sensitive documents that the United States considers classified information.

A U.N. panel said earlier this year that Sweden and Britain are violating Assange’s rights and argued that he should be released.

Assange's kitten has yet to be named, but of course, it has its own Twitter account @EmbassyCat.