Australian Family Recaptures Christmas Light Record
Australian Family Recaptures Christmas Light Record
An Australian family has reclaimed a Guinness World Record for Christmas lights on a residential property by stringing up more than half a million Christmas lights around their suburban home.
The record-setting decorations on the Richards family’s Canberra home feature a total of 502,165 twinkling bulbs.
The family first entered the famous record book in 2001 with 331,038 multi-colored lights, but that record was trumped last year by a family in LaGrangeville, New York, who decorated with 346,283 lights.
If put end to end, the wires holding the strands of lights would stretch over 50 kilometers. The Richards home will be open to the public to raise money for charity.
A local power company will pay the expected $2,300 electricity bill for the month of December.