FILE - An Australia terrorism investogator in suburban Sydney.
FILE - An Australia terrorism investogator in suburban Sydney.

An Australian male nurse is facing terrorism-based charges for allegedly supporting the militant Islamic State group fighting in Syria.

Adam Brookman was charged in a Melbourne court Sunday on one count of knowingly providing support to a terrorist organization, and a second charge of "performing services with the intention of supporting a person to engage in a hostile activity of a foreign state."

The 39-year-old Brookman returned to Australia Friday from Turkey, where he surrendered himself to authorities earlier in the week after arriving from Syria.  The father of five children has told Australian media he went to Syria as part of a humanitarian mission where he was forced to join the terrorist group after he had been wounded.

Brookman will make another court appearance in Melbourne on Monday.  

Australia is under high alert due to concerns about home-grown militants who have traveled to the Middle East to fight with Islamic State and other extremist groups.  Police have launched several counter-terrorism raids across the nation.  Prime Minister Tony Abbott has pushed through a number of new national security laws, and is supporting a measure that would strip Australian citizenship from dual nationals.