NEW DELHI - India says it has set in place a tracking and surveillance system, similar to Nigeria’s, to detect any cases of Ebola in the country as it steps up efforts to keep the virus out of the country. Nigeria has been declared “Ebola-free” by the World Health organization.

Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said Tuesday thermal scanners, which were central to helping Nigeria detect cases, are being used at immigration counters at 15 international airports to monitor those who have traveled through Ebola-hit countries. A mock drill was also conducted at the New Delhi international airport to test the alertness of Ebola detection measures.

More scanners will be purchased to equip other airports and seaports in the coming days. The scanners help identify high body temperature, one of the main symptoms of the disease which has infected more than 9,200 people and killed more than 4,500 people this year.

India has not reported any cases of Ebola, which has plagued countries in West Africa. But with more than 45,000 Indians living in West Africa, concerns of the disease spreading to India remain high.