Pakistan's military says it has bombed suspected militant hideouts in the North Waziristan tribal territory, killing at least 35 militants.

The army said the airstrikes Sunday focused on the Datta Khail area near the Afghan border. Foreign fighters are said to be among those killed.

Pakistan's military has been carrying out a major counter-terrorism offensive in the Waziristan region since June. Officials say the attacks have killed around 2,000 suspected militants.

The military said it has lost more than 200 soldiers in the fighting.

U.S. officials have said the Waziristan district is where al-Qaida and its allied Haqqani Network have established bases.

Washington acknowledged the Pakistani offensive has damaged the terrorist infrastructure, but has not yet said it believes the threat from the Pakistani side of the border is over.

Sunday's air strikes come as a delegation from the Afghan Border Police travel to Pakistan for talks with their military counterparts.

The two sides are actively working to increase cooperation in dealing with militants operation on both sides of the border.