Typhoon Nari Kills 6, Leaves 7 Missing in Vietnam
Typhoon Nari Kills 6, Leaves 7 Missing in Vietnam
At least six people have died and four remain missing after high winds and rain triggered by Typhoon Nari hit central Vietnam, authorities said Wednesday.
Flash floods have submerged thousands of homes and isolated several villages. Many houses were 2 meters under water.
One resident in Thanh Hoa province said the damage caused by Nari was much worse than from storms in previous years.
"Power lines and trees were knocked down, crop lands across the province were damaged, thousands of local residents were evacuated; boats and vehicles were drifted away in the neighboring province of Nghe," he said. "Mountainous areas were the hardest-hit. People are still waiting for help and assistance from local authorities."
Photos from state media showed devastating scenes of damaged houses and fallen trees in the city of Da Nang, where officials say early evacuation plans helped prevent major loss of life and casualties.
One Da Nang resident said damage from Nari was less than from super storm Sansen 2006, in which dozens of people were reportedly injured.
More than 180,000 people were moved to higher ground in central provinces before Nari arrived, state media said.
Some information for this report was provided by Reuters and produced in collaboration with the VOA Vietnamese service.