Clinton Presses Human Rights in Uzbekistan
Clinton Presses Human Rights in Uzbekistan

The latest U.S. diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks describe the U.S. as concerned over corruption and human rights violations in Uzbekistan.

The cables published by Britain's Guardian newspaper on Monday reveal U.S. officials as describing Uzbekistan as a country where there are "close connections between organized crime and the government," and where public and private sector jobs are routinely "bought."

According to the cables, Uzbekistan's President Islam Karimov threatened to suspend the transit of cargo for NATO forces fighting in Afghanistan after U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton presented an award to an Uzbek human rights activist.

The cables also say that Mr. Karimov's daughter, Gulnara, has become "the single most hated person in the country," alleging that she has pressured local businesses to give her shares in their companies.

The U.S. government has condemned the release of the classified State Department cables, saying the Wikileaks is harming U.S. national interests and threatening delicate policy matters.