Journey 1945: China’s Path to Victory

February 02, 2016 02:01 PM

Today's headlines are often filled with stories about tensions between the United States and China. Few people remember a time 70 years ago when Americans and Chinese fought side by side against Japanese forces in WWII. Journey 1945: China's Path to Victory tells a story often forgotten in present day remembrances of World War II: Flying Tigers - American and Chinese airmen who fought side by side against Japanese forces in China during the war. "The story of China in World War II is one of the last great unknown stories and it's really very strange that we haven't known in the West what happened to China during WWII for so many decades," says Oxford historian Rana Mitter. This film brings this untold story to light through the first-hand account of Flying Tiger veteran General Patrick Chen, 96. The film follows him as he travels back to Taiwan sharing his memories and stories along the way. "I hate war because I have seen war," he says. The film also includes rarely seen historical footage of these battles as well as interviews with other Flying Tiger veterans and historians. "I'm not a hero," says General Chen, "those brothers who fought with me. They were. I'm just a witness."