Salif Keita Interview - Music Time in Africa

November 10, 2019 04:05 AM
Music Time in Africa
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Get your pan-African groove on with current and classic hits from Nigeria, Algeria and Mali; upbeat neo-traditional tunes like "Fundamentals" from Kenya and "Loubé" from Guinea; and great songs by undiscovered artists like Junior Gentle from Uganda.

Today’s featured artist is none other than the Golden Voice of Africa Salif Keita! He joined me in the studio earlier this week here in Washington and talks about a few of his songs ("Tonton", "La Difference" & "Ko-Yan"), the struggles of people with albinism in Africa, and how Africa needs it's young artists. and  Song of the week “Dia De” by Gato Preto will definitely charge up your batteries  and wait till you hear our Vintage Tune from the MTIA ARCHIVE –  it takes you back to 1968 Uganda where an  Adhola musician plays the most beautiful Tongoli harp!