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February 18, 2021 12:42 PM
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COMING SOON: Season 2 of StartUP Africa Fall 2021.

StartUP Africa is just who we are and what it is most important: our dreams about the Africa we are building.
– Kimenyi Aimable, founder and CEO, Algorithm, Rwanda

Young tech entrepreneurs are building the future of Africa. They’re imagining new ways to do business, deliver services, solve problems such as traffic congestion, and otherwise improve lives – all while deepening digital connections between the continent and the rest of the world.  

“StartUP Africa” documents those efforts. The ground-breaking series celebrates a diverse, inclusive sub-Saharan Africa as an integral part of the growing global tech industry. The series aims to inspire and guide a new generation to dream and act big, to produce innovations, solutions, and jobs.  

The series is co-produced by the Voice of America and leading broadcast TV stations in Nigeria, Ghana, Rwanda, Uganda, and Kenya, ensuring unique and authentic views of Africa’s tech scene. It also reflects VOA’s commitment to reporting on high technology, from its roots in Silicon Valley to Africa and beyond. 

Join tech entrepreneurs on “StartUP Africa” as they confide in their hopes and confront challenges in launching companies. Learn from these risk-takers in the hot seat.


Season One - Visionaries (6 episodes)
We meet entrepreneurs in Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, and Ghana. We learn what problems their startups solve, what challenges they face, and what’s at risk.

Through the stories of the entrepreneurs, the audience begins to see how at no other time in world history has this much opportunity been available to people not raised in affluence or with access to traditional educations and career paths. Giving youth ideas for how they can make a profitable living, we paint a picture of the opportunities that exist in the tech sector.

In the season finale, we hear how the coronavirus lockdown affected these start-ups. Skyping with those still under stay-at-home orders and conducting in-person interviews with those in countries where lockdowns were lifted, we hear how they faced the challenges of lockdown, what they learned, and what the future looks like for their companies. The season finale ends with a cliffhanger that leaves the audience cheering for these entrepreneurs and wondering what new startups will have arisen from the opportunities created by a global tragedy.


Challenges, Hopes and Fears
StartUP Africa is a multi-season business-themed TV series, which tells the stories of the challenges, hopes and fears faced by young tech entrepreneurs in Africa as they develop their startup from just an idea to a profitable business. Developed the year before the COVID-19 global pandemic, StartUP Africa takes viewers along a journey with the entrepreneurs in Nigeria, Ghana, Rwanda, Uganda, and Kenya — through the stages of founding a tech company, acquiring funding from early investors to venture capitalists, participating in business incubators, the local startup scene, and Africa’s entrepreneurial connection to the center of the tech world in Silicon Valley.