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BAJAKOVO, CROATIA - Tensions on the Serbia-Croatia border are growing in a tit-for-tat blockade sparked by the influx of refugees and other migrants.

Parked cargo trucks span the border at the main crossing between Croatia and Serbia as trade has become a victim of Europe's migrant crisis.

The backlog began when Croatia responded to the cross-border flood of refugees and other migrants by closing all but one crossing with Serbia.

Zagreb banned all trucks from Serbia except perishable goods, a move that cut off Serbian trade links to much of Europe.

Belgrade responded with its own embargo on imports from Croatia.

Not to be outdone, Croatia issued a block on all vehicles registered in Serbia, bringing traffic to nearly a full stop.

The trade war revives bitter rhetoric and memories between neighbors who only two decades ago fought a real war.

While a slow trickle of vehicles is crossing the border from Croatia into Serbia, the truck drivers here all say the same thing: They've been stuck two or three days because of the political situation. And, in the meantime, they're losing money.