Britain's Queen Elizabeth II has formally opened parliament in a traditional ceremony full of pomp and circumstance.  The queen presented the government's program, this year proving especially interesting as Britain's new coalition government outlined its plans to include tough budget cuts.

Amid centuries-old tradition featuring royal carriages, cannon fire and state trumpeters, Queen Elizabeth has formally opened Britain's parliament.  

The queen's speech outlined the government's plans and program, and was put together by the country's officials.  

Her words today were written by Britain's new coalition government and emphasized the need for budget cuts.  

"The first priority is to reduce the deficit and restore economic growth.  Action will be taken to accelerate the reduction of the structural budget deficit," said Queen Elizabeth.

Britain is estimated to be facing more than $270 billion in debt.  On Monday, leaders announced plans to cut more than $7 billion from this year's budget.  

Also on the new Conservative-Liberal Democrat legislative agenda was the topic of immigration.  

"My government will limit the number of non-European Union economic migrants entering the United Kingdom," she added.

With regard to foreign policy, Queen Elizabeth lent her support to the country's armed forces and called for a defense and security review of military operations.

"My government will work with the Afghan government, Pakistan and international partners for lasting security and stability in Afghanistan," said Queen Elizabeth.

The British monarch announced more than 20 new bills, which legislators will work to enact during the next 18 months.