Kandahar province, Afghanistan
Kandahar province, Afghanistan

KANDAHAR, AFGHANISTAN - Three suicide bombers on Friday attacked the residence of Gen. Abdul Raziq, Kandahar Police Chief in Boldak district, provincial authorities told VOA.

The attack took place late Friday night. Officials said Afghan security forces killed all three assailants before they could reach their target.

The attack reportedly began with a suicide bomber detonating his vest at the entrance of the security checkpoint leading to the police chief's residence. Two other militants, who had suicide vests as well, engaged the security guards for an hour before they were gunned down.

Local authorities said two members of the Afghan police also were killed in the attack.

Gen. Raziq was in Kandahar city during the attack. He said his family members are safe.

Raziq told VOA that authorities had intelligence about a possible attack on his residence and already had taken the necessary security measures.

"Law enforcement had tips about the possible attack. The first attacker was on a motorbike and detonated his bomb at the security checkpoint. The remaining two attackers were gunned down by the security forces," Raziq said.

This is not the first time Raziq comes under attack. He has survived several suicide attacks since becoming the police chief for southern Kandahar province.

No group has claimed immediate responsibility for the attack.