The next steps ahead for the Iran nuclear accord and its key time elements:

Next week: The U.N. Security Council will adopt a resolution resulting in the lifting, possibly by year's end, of all international sanctions related to Iran's nuclear program. The sanctions would snap back after 65 days if Iran violated the deal.

Time uncertain: When Iran's parliament will review the agreement and ratify it. Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has endorsed it.

60 days: Amount of time the U.S. Congress has to review the deal.

Up to five years: Amount of time the U.N. arms embargo on Iran will remain in place.

Up to eight years: Amount of time the U.N. ballistic missile sanctions on Iran will remain in place.

10 years: Amount of time Iran will maintain a reduced number (5,060) of uranium centrifuges.

15 years: Amount of time Iran will not enrich uranium beyond the level needed for a nuclear power plant.

Up to 25 years: Amount of time the International Atomic Energy Agency will have access to Iranian facilities such as uranium mines and centrifuge workshops. Iran does not have to submit to international inspections anytime, anywhere. If the U.N. nuclear agency identifies a suspicious site, it can ask to inspect it. If Iran refuses, an arbitration panel will decide whether Iran must open up the site to inspection within 24 days.

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