India Selfie Ban
India Selfie Ban

A Washington state man accidentally shot himself in the face while take a selfie with a gun he believed to be unloaded.

The Skagit Valley Herald reported that the man and his girlfriend were taking selfies when the gun went off and fatally wounded the man.

The man’s girlfriend told local law enforcement officials that she and the man had been posing with guns over the course of the day, unloading and reloading the gun each time.

Apparently, one bullet remained in the gun for the last selfie.

Officials are treating the case as an accident.

This is not the first case of a selfie shooting, according to the Washington Post.

Last year, a 19-year-old Texas man died after accidentally shooting himself while posing with a gun.

The Post reports that worldwide, 27 people died while taking selfies, the majority of which were in India.

The problem is considered big enough that officials in the Indian city of Mumbai created “no-selfie” zones around the city in places they thought were risky spots for taking selfies, many of them near water.