A zoo in Taiwan has re-united a panda with her cub for the first time since it was born one month ago.

The Taipei Zoo released footage on Tuesday of workers placing the baby panda in a cage and allowing its mother, named Yuan Yuan, to walk up to it.

The zoo had kept the cub in an incubator since its birth to protect it while developing the mother's nursing abilities.

Yuan Yuan passed her first test on Friday, showing her motherly instincts by gently picking up the cub with her mouth, before cuddling and breast-feeding it.

Her test ended with workers feeding her honey while removing the cub and placing it back in an incubator.

The zoo says it will allow them to meet regularly until the risk of inadvertent harm to the baby is reduced.

Yuan Yuan is one of two pandas given to Taiwan by China as a goodwill gesture in 2008.