Ah, final exams.  A time to step back and consider all the knowledge you've gained in the past few fruitful months. That, or completely freak out and find excuses to do anything other than study.  Most people on Tumblr seem to have chosen the latter option. And luckily for us, they're spending their time making funny pictures for us to enjoy.

So, for your viewing pleasure, 10 funny memes by people who are wasting more time than you are:

1) What we're really looking for is attention to detail...

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2) At least pie charts might be on the exam?

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3) Cartoon facepalm

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4) Generic introduction is generic

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5) One test to rule them all?

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6) Making pretty Excel charts = useful life skill

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7) Alright, we get it, you can use Excel. It'll only get you so far in life

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8 ) Try the lavender bubble bath

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9) I hear if you put the textbook on your lap it's even better

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10) Penguin wins every time

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