Apologies for the delay. You may have noticed we had some technical difficulties over the weekend. Apologies for that as well. But we're back now, and luckily there are no webinars until tomorrow, so you didn't miss anything!

As always, if you attend any of the below events, report back and let us know what you learned! (Use the comments, the Facebook page or just email me ? jstahl@voanews.com). And please share any online events you?ve found that we haven?t.

Coming up this week:

April 2

MBA Watch: 6 Commonalities of Outstanding MBA Applicants
12pm US eastern time
More details:  http://www.beatthegmat.com/mba/events

Kaplan: Making Law School Pay Off
8pm US eastern time
More details:  http://www.kaptest.com/enroll/LSAT/online/events

April 3

MBA Watch: Why Applications Get Accepted
1pm US eastern time
More details:  http://www.beatthegmat.com/mba/events

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