Whether you?re an international student or moved just an hour from home, homesickness can happen to anyone at university. It is a completely normal feeling that can happen with a lot of change around you.

Here are some tips to deal with homesickness:


  1. Get Involved

Most campuses have tons of organizations and activities to join. Do you like sports? Try out for a team. Theater? Onstage or backstage, get involved! The best part of joining organizations is it allows you to meet people with similar interests in the situations. Everyone wants to make friends and have a good time. Soon enough you?ll find yourself having a core group of friends who form sort of a family.


  1.  Keep in touch with friends and family back home

Technology is great, it makes keeping in touch with family and friends easier than ever. Whether it?s Skype, Facebook or WhatsApp, a good way of making you feel closer to home is to keep in touch. However, overdoing it might just increase the homesickness. Find a balance between living in the moment and keeping in touch with people back home.


  1. Cook some comfort food

Making dishes that are common back home can be a fun way of beating homesickness. Get a group of friends together and try to cook a dish from your home country. It will bring you a little taste of home, and your college friends will love you for it.


  1. Make use of campus resources

Many universities offer formal support to international students, trying to make the transition easier. Many campuses have dedicated staff and offices to international students cope. Homesickness is completely natural, and the campus staff is there to help with ways to deal with the loneliness.


  1. Have fun!

You?ll hear it over and over again but never really feel it until graduation hits, but college flies by fast. Make the most of your time on campus. Try to stay positive and try to not let homesickness consume you. Taking part in campus activities and making the most of your time with your friends will not only help you with homesickness, but you?ll have fun, too.


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