This week features two online college fairs, among the more standard webinar fare. Plus, EducationUSA's sessions are turning to the subject of American culture as international students prepare to begin their studies in just a few short months.

As always, if you attend any of the below events, report back and let us know what you learned! (Use the comments, the Facebook page or just email me ? And please share any online events you?ve found that we haven?t.

Coming up this week:

May 13

EducationUSA: In and Out of the Classroom
10am US eastern time
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May 14

CollegeWeekLife/CollegeBoard: Destination: College
5pm US eastern time
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EducationUSA: Adjusting to American Culture
3pm US eastern time
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May 15

CollegeWeekLive: Asia Day (virtual college fair)
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Beat the GMAT/mbaMission: Assessing Your MBA Profile
10am US eastern time
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C2 Education: Changes to the Common App
8pm US eastern time
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