Ivy League admissions decisions were released tonight and, according to the New York Times, acceptance rates were lower this year than last.

Of course, we well know that while Ivy League colleges may have brand recognitionthey're far from the only option. But that doesn't stop us from being curious about their admission statistics.

As of March 28, the NYT reported the acceptance rates as:

Brown - 9.16%
Columbia - 6.89%
Cornell - 15.15%
Harvard - 5.79%
Princeton - 7.29%
U Penn - 12.10%
Yale -  6.72%

Last year we were able to find some statistics specifically for international students. We'll keep an ear out for them this year as well.

If you're waiting for your admissions decision, or have just received it, we want to hear your story. What happened? Did you get the result you expected? What can you tell other prospective international students about the process? Share your story in the comments or using the form below.

And if the decision ends up not being what you wanted, here are some stories to help you get inspired and keep moving forward.