Infographic - IIE Open Doors International Student
Infographic - IIE Open Doors International Students 2014
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looks at a recent report on study abroad trends - both students coming to, and going from, the United States. The "Open Doors" report from the Institute of International Education (IIE) and the Department of State has some interesting findings, including:

  • The number of foreign students studying abroad is growing at a faster rate than U.S. students studying abroad.

  • While nearly a third of students coming to the United States come from China, China is number five on the list of study abroad destinations for U.S. students - the top four countries are all in Europe.

  • Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Brazil were the three countries with the biggest growth in students coming to the U.S. for study abroad. They're also three countries where the government is providing resources and scholarships for students who wish to learn overseas.

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