Another helpful webinar

from EducationUSA: on Thursday, April 16, at 1300 UTC (9 AM ET) they'll be holding an interactive discussion on everything you need to know about the student visa process.

Do you have questions about the steps to obtain a student visa? Wonder how long the the process will take? Want to make sure you're taking the right steps? Find out on Thursday - additional information can be found below.

EducationUSA Interactive: Student Visas
Thursday, April 16 - 1300 UTC (9 AM ET)
Click here to access the webinar

Do you have questions about applying for your student visa? On April 16 at 13:00 UTC, join the next EducationUSA Interactive webchat to learn about the U.S. student visa process. Tune in to get information about the types of student visas, the visa interview and more as Consular Officer Laura Stein explains the process of obtaining your student visa and answers your questions live. Join us and get one step closer to studying in the United States!