A Virtual School Fair for International Students

For many international students, especially those interested in studying in the United States, the process of finding the right schools, applying, working to find financial aid and housing and all the rest is a year-round activity. It obviously can be challenging when you're so far away to really learn about a place, or the various programs of study, without actually interacting with someone there.

And that's exactly what GMATCH wants to correct!

career fair
Imagine a recruitment fair like this, but only online. That's this week's GMATCH!

Over the next two days, on September 10th and 11th, the Graduate Management Admissions Council - the company behind the GMAT graduate exam - is sponsoring a virtual school fair - and the admission is free! It's called "GMATCH" and this Tuesday and Wednesday anyone from around the world can register and interact with representatives from over 90 leading graduate programs.

"Our goal is to connect the talent and aspiration of these students with the education and career opportunities represented by these schools," says Pepe Carreras, Vice President of GMAC. "The Official GMATCH online fair is an innovative way to bring those interested in an MBA degree or other graduate management program together with representatives from top schools and to demonstrate the GMAT's role as a first step in making these connections."

However, the GMATCH online fair only last two days, so if you're interested, click on this link now and you can register and start participating. Also, the GMAC offers these five ideas for getting the most out of this year's international school fair:

  • Before the event, check mba.com/gmatch to see which schools are participating and check out the websites of those you're interested in. Use GMATCH as an opportunity to ask school representatives for information not available on their websites.

  • Register for the fair with the exact name and contact information you will use throughout the admissions process so schools can track their interactions with you.

  • Update your resume so you are prepared to attach it to your profile at the event and send it with ease to participating schools.

  • Be prepared and professional from the moment you register. Having informed questions and using proper spelling and grammar will help you make a good impression on admissions professionals.

  • Take advantage of auditorium sessions to find out more about the GMAT and test prep, talk to current students, and explore programs. Sign up for email updates to find out when schools have refreshed content in the online environment.