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Our Glossary of Confusing Words post this week about the words "explain" and "describe" generated another glossary submission: Swamplands, as in "D.C. is built on top of swamplands."

Rather than wait until what I'm now calling #glossaryday (aka Monday, which is when I've been posting the new glossary submissions...I know, it's not that funny or clever), I wanted to address this one right away.

A swampland is just land with a lot of swamps, also known as a wetland. It's land that is flooded with water much or all of the time.  You might sometimes hear the words bog or marsh used to describe a similar type of environment, although technically they are all slightly different things.  In the U.S., the most famous swamp is probably the Everglades in Florida.

Thanks for the suggestion! If you have a word to suggest for our Glossary of Confusing Words, particularly one you might come across when applying to college, submit it in the comments or using the form below.