dictionary and thesaurus

I wanted to do something a little different for the last Glossary post of the summer. We've defined a whole lot of words this summer (check the glossary tag to see all of them), and hopefully it has been useful and informative.

But there was one word submitted that we couldn't define - or rather, for reasons of modesty we avoided defining: the infamous "f word."

Just because we won't take a stab at it, though, doesn't mean we can't point you to some places that will. So here are some online resources for learning a whole range of slang words, curse words and internet speak.

1) Urbandictionary.com

2) Pseudodictionary.com

3) Manythings.com/slang

Hope they teach you something new!

Though the summer Glossary posts are done, we're still taking submissions for the next vacation time. And we'll define any words specifically related to studying in the U.S., no matter when they come in. Submit your words in the comments section or using the form below.