Question #2 in our weeklong online event comes from "nhung" who asked:
How can we get the visa F1 , I think I have enough condition to study in USA but US consulate refused to issue visa

Let's start out with me reminding you that I'm not an immigration lawyer, nor am I a consular officer.  If you're having trouble, seek out people who can help guide you, like your EducationUSA adviser or the international student adviser at the school you've been admitted to.

The general visa process is explained in this great (and adorable) video from EducationUSA:

For some advice on how to make the process go smoothly, check out this previous post: "Visa Tips From Visa Officers."

In that post we compiled practical tips from visa officers about how to show your interviewer that you are a credible student, that you have adequate financial resources for your education, and that you intend to return home afterwards.

The State Department has a lot more information on its student visa webpage, including a section about what it means to be refused a visa under INA 214(b).  You might find that helpful for your situation.